What Country had the Most Solar Power in 2014?

Most Solar Power Overall

Some may find it interesting to know that Australia was only the 9th highest user of solar PV energy in 2014.  It is however probably due to our smaller population with Germany being the country that that had the most solar PV power in 2014.  The table below shows you the countries ranking as having the highest installed solar power obtained from Energy Informative. This information was current as at 2014.

most solar powe

The table above shows in terms of ranking which country has the most installed solar energy.  Italy is the second highest, following Germany and China is in the third position.  Again China being in the third position might surprise people as well, however when we look at per capita installed PV it is a different story.  The USA is in the fourth position, Japan in the fifth, followed by Span, France, Belgium and then Australia.

Most Solar Power Based on Population

Looking at this information in another way, the table below lists countries in order of ranking by the highest level of per capita (per millions) of installed PV energy in 2014.  The table uses the above information from Energy Informative and population figures from the internet.

country with most solar power

Germany remains the highest ranking country for the most solar power even under this different classification.  China however falls from position 3 down to position 10 due to the high population of that country.  This is probably more what people would expect.

Interestingly Australia has improved only from position 9 to position 6 which given our abundance of natural sunlight is rather poor.

Italy is the second highest country in terms of amount of installed solar energy per million population.  Italy is followed by Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain and then Australia.

Again due to the high population numbers Japan has dropped from its 5th position ranking to now the 8th position of those counties in this sample which had the most solar power installed in total measured by mega watts.

Why is Germany the Country with the Most Solar Power?

From information on the net it appears that Germany is the country with the most solar power due to their solar incentive program.  Apparently they have an excellent subsidizing framework and a feed-in tariff scheme.  Thus a country without a massive amount of natural sunlight has managed to lead the rest of the world due to their solar incentive program.

According to Energy Informative, whilst Germany is the leading country in terms of installed solar panels, this source of solar energy accounts for only 3% of the country’s electricity consumption.