Solar Power Buying Mistakes

Common Solar Power Buying Mistakes

When choosing (or not choosing) to have solar panels installed please do not make these common solar power buying mistakes.  We are solar electricians with years of experience in advising on and installing solar systems.  We talk to our customers at length and based on our experience and their input we have put the following list together of common mistakes or conceptions that people have when seeking to install solar panels at their home.

Mistake One – Don’t Wait for Solar Batteries

Yes you are correct, solar batteries are currently too expensive to be cost-effective.  However waiting for the price of solar batteries to fall is also not cost-effective.  You can right now install solar panels that can be retrofitted with solar batteries when the price for them has dropped significantly.  Thus by waiting for solar batteries you are losing years of lower electricity bills by having a solar system installed now.  There is really no reason to wait for solar batteries, you can start saving money by using solar generated electricity right now.

Mistake Two – Not Installing Solar Panels As Part of Your Roof is Shaded

Yes, you are correct solar panels are not as efficient under shady conditions than they are in full sun.  This is why solar panels are usually put on north facing roofs to obtain the maximum benefit of our Australian sun.  However, if part of your roof is shaded this does not mean that solar is not a cost-effective option for you.  If your north facing section of the roof is shaded, there is always the option of the east or western side of your roof.  If you have shading scattered across your roof this still is not a reason for choosing not to install solar panels.  There are certain solar panels that are designed specifically for shaded roofs and these will allow you the benefit of obtaining solar generated electricity for your home.  Okay the effectiveness is not going to be as good with some shading, but as long as you choose the right solar panels the benefits of solar are still significant.

Mistake Three – Not Verifying your Solar Installer

Too many people when buying solar panels for their home get caught by the slick salesmen who offer a ‘special’ discount due to end soon!  Reputable solar installers sill not try to coerce you to make a quick decision on what is a sizable long term investment.  Shonky salesmen often have shonky products and do shonky installation work… It is always best to obtain several quotes and advice from different solar installation companies.  Check their reviews on-line as well and most importantly make sure they are accreddited solar installation companies.  Ask the tough questions and then evaluate the answers, who provided clear cut answers and who skirted around the question… Don’t forget there is a considerable amount on the internet about different solar panel systems and solar installation pricing.

Mistake Four – Going Too Cheap

Installing a solar system that is too small for your needs is not a good financial decision.  Remember having a solar system installed includes the cost of the products as well as the labour.  If you save on the cost by having less panels installed than the amount that will really reduce your electricity bill you will probably find that at a later date you will decide to install more solar panels.  Should this occur you will be paying more for the solar system then if you had the job done properly in the first place.  Having a solar installer doing the job twice is naturally going to cost more than if the job was done just the one time.  There is more labour involved in having additional panels installed than having them all installed at the same time.

Also don’t choose solar panels purely on price.  Like any product quality products usually come at a higher price, however over their life-time they often are more cost-effective.

Mistake Five – Having too High Expectations

Your electricity bill will not go to zero once you have installed solar panels.  This is one of the most common solar power buying mistakes – yes you will be using less electricity from the grid but you need to complement your solar panels by taking other steps as well.  Provide shade for windows that currently receive direct rays from the sun.  This can be done through window blinds, awnings or fixed shades.  When you look at doing this please try to ensure that you still allow for capturing the warming winter sun.  Deciduous trees can be a big saving on your energy bill in both summer and winter as you will have less reliance on your reverse cycle air-conditioning.  Also provide a roof over your deck, this will keep the interior of your home cooler in summer – ever wondered why traditional Queenslanders have wrap-around decks?  These and other ways can be even more cost-effective than installing solar power, and done together will provide you a very cost-effective long term investment and a much greater enjoyment of your home.

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Solar Power Buying Mistakes