Solar Installers Holland Park

Solar Installers Holland Park – We are accredited solar installers based in Holland Park, Brisbane.  We are also qualified and experienced electricians.  Thus there is no-one better to evaluate which solar panel system is going to be most cost-effective for your home.

As experienced electricians we can evaluate your current and likely future electrical usage levels are likely to be.  We can then determine the number of solar panels that you are going to require.  In this determination we will also have a look at your roof, the aspect of your property and any overshadowing that may occur.

We keep up-to-date regarding innovations and changes within the solar panel and inverter market.  We will advise you based on your electrical usage, your roof span and aspect and your budget as to which system is going to best meet your electrical saving needs.

Expert Solar Installers Holland Park

Globe Electrical Solutions are based in Holland Park.  Thus we will be able to provide you with first class service as we are only five minutes away.  If you are considering having a solar system installed we will be more than happy to pop around to your home and provide you with a quote.

Given that we are located in the same suburb there will be no delay in providing an excellent service for you.  All solar panels and inverters installed by Globe Electrical Solutions come with a guarantee for the product as well as our workmanship.  Thus if you have any problems whatsoever we are only two minutes away and will be on your doorstep almost immediately.

We don’t however expect that you will have any difficulties at all.  We have helped hundreds of Brisbane residents (many in Holland Park) with the installation of solar panels and to date have only had complements rather than complaints.

Solar Installation Reviews

Here are a few reviews some of our customers have written on our Google Plus Page regarding our solar installation services.

solar installers holland park

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