Solar Installers Brisbane Southside

Solar Installers Brisbane Southside : Globe Electrical Solutions are accredited solar installers and are based in Brisbane Southside.

Successful Solar Installers Brisbane Southside

We at Globe Electrical Solutions have an unbeatable reputation for providing the best and most cost-effective solar systems for southside residents.  We are able to do this because we have both the solar knowledge and the electrical knowledge.  Based on this knowledge we are able to ensure that your home has the custom solar system that is best for your needs.

There are many different solar systems available on the market and they are changing all the time.  We make it our job to be fully informed as to the latest innovations and product releases.  We are currently recommending to our customers that they install a solar system that can be retrofitted for solar batteries once the price of these products has fallen.

Solar batteries are going to transform the value of solar panel systems.  Once the power of the sun can be stored for use in the evenings this will significantly further reduce your electricity bills.

Solar Installation with Globe Electrical Solutions

Not only are we able to advise you correctly on your solar system but we are also experienced installers.  We are so confident of the standard of our workmanship that we guarantee this as well as the product guarantee that you will have.

We also manage the entire process for you.  We will source the panels and inverters for you and have them delivered.  We will deal with all the paperwork to ensure that you receive the government reduction that you are entitled to.  Finally we will install your solar system for you and test to make sure that it is functioning optimally.

As we are based on the southside of Brisbane too, we are just moments from you if you require any assistance regarding your solar panels and solar inverters.  Remember too we are qualified electricians and can assist you in other ways as well if you have any electrical needs.

Solar Installation Reviews

Don’t just take if from us that we will do an excellent and affordable solar installation job for you.  Have a look at the reviews below or visit our Google+ Page to view the reviews written there.

solar installers brisbane southside

Solar Installation Brisbane Southside – Globe Electrical Solutions are the Experts