Sensors Lights and Timers

Security and Electricity Savings with Sensor Lights and Timers

The cost of electricity is rising, and will continue to soar over the next few years.

One way to reduce electricity costs is to install motion sensors lights and timers to control lighting circuits.

There is nothing worse than wasting hard earned money by paying for electricity usage when it is not necessary.  By installing sensor lights or a timer on certain lighting points can avoid them being left on and burning up your hard earned cash.

Not only do sensor lights and timers save your money but they can also provide security for your home.

Sensor Lights

A motion sensor light automatically turns on when motion is detected.  Sensor lights can be installed anywhere in your home and outside your home.

The advantages are twofold.  Firstly sensor lights and energy efficient and save you money as the lights are only on when needed.  Secondly exterior motion sensor lights will deter potential thieves because as soon as they come near your home the outdoor area will be lit and they will be exposed.

Not only do sensor lights prevent uninvited intruders from hiding or lurching around your home, but they also provide a warning signal to you that there maybe someone outside your home.  Thus it gives you time to investigate or call the police if you spot someone.

There is also a third advantage to sensor lights.  As these lights activate automatically it provides added convenience to you.  So if you have your hands full for example, you do not need to worry about trying to turn on the light switch as the motion sensor will do this for you.

Popular areas for installing motion sensor lights are outside your home, on staircases, pantries, garage and bathrooms.  However there is no limit as to where you can install motion detecting lights, the choice is up to you.

A forth advantage is that when guests arrive at your home for dinner or a party, they will not be stumbling around in the dark trying to find the gate latch or stairs up to your patio.  The motion sensors will ensure that the entrance way is well lit and inviting.

It is widely quoted that motion sensor lights can save up to 60% of lighting energy costs.


Timers are a very effective way to reduce your electricity bill.  A timer can be set to turn on and turn off lights and other electrical appliances such as heaters or fans.

Timers are ideal for many areas of your home including exhaust fans in bathrooms, walk in wardrobes, towel heaters and pantries.

A timer too can provide security for your home.  You could for example set an outdoor light to turn on at dusk and then turn off at dawn.  This way the external of your home will be lit and deter any potential intruders.

Statistics have revealed that neighbourhoods that are well lit at night have a lower level of crime rates than communities with poor lighting.

It is believed that timers can save up to 30% off your energy bill.

Sensor lights and Switches with Globe Electrical Solutions

Call Globe Electricians today for some free and friendly advice on sensors and timers.  We install timers and sensor lights efficiently and affordably.  All quality sensor lights and timers come with a guarantee and we also provide a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

More Energy Savings?

Whilst we are installing your sensor lights and switches, why not allow us as accredited solar installers in Brisbane to provide you with a very, very cost-effective quote for solar panel installation for your home?

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