Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection

The information below related to a pre purchase electrical inspection, we also conduct other types of electrical inspections including commercial electrical inspections.

Electrical Pre Purchase Inspection

An electrical inspection prior to the purchase of a property can identify any dangerous electrical situations that may be very costly to repair once the property has been purchased.  For this reason a pre purchase electrical inspection can be as important as a pre purchase building inspection.

In addition to this report a quotation will be attached for the cost of any necessary repairs to rectify faulty wiring or equipment.  This report can then be used in negotiation of property price.

Furthermore this comprehensive pre purchase electrical inspection which will truly give you peace of mind and help you with making the decision on whether or not to purchase a home or deciding on the offer you should make knowing the condition of the electrical system that the home has.

Pre Purchase Electrical Inspections Are Overlooked

Many potential home buyers do not do a pre purchase electrical inspection.  While most people when buying a property will have a building and pest inspection, this does not cover an inspection of the electrical system, wiring etc of the home.  We strongly urge you to always have a pre purchase electrical inspection done as well.

pre purchase electrical inspection

Should you purchase a home with faulty and/or insufficient power system you could be spending a great deal of money getting it fixed or replaced.  This could be money that you had set aside for repainting, sanding floors, upgrading the kitchen etc.  However faulty electrical problems will mean that all these projects would have to be put on hold.

What Does a  Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection Involve?

A pre purchase electrical inspection should be conducted by a qualified and experienced electrician.  The main objective of a pre purchase electrical inspection is to make sure that the electrical systems of the property are safe and in a serviceable condition.

For a detailed pre purchase inspection the electrician will undertake a thorough inspection of the electrical systems of the home and provide you with a written report.  A comprehensive pre purchase electrical inspection involves:-

Identifying any electrical hazards
Checking for unsheathed permanent wiring
Examination of the power box
Testing safety switches
Examination of power points and lighting
Inspect for exposed wires
Evaluate whether or not there is sufficient electrical service
Check for out-dated wiring systems
Determine whether the home includes do-it-yourself wiring
Testing of smoke alarms and noting the location of the alarms
Identifying any electrical items that do not abide by current government regulations

Upon completion of the comprehensive pre purchase electrical inspection we will provide you with a concise and easy to understand inspection report.  The report will also provide you with a quotation for rectifying any electrical hazards, problems or upgrades required.

Contact Globe Electrical Solutions for a Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection

With a pre purchase electrical inspection you can ensure that the home you are purchasing is safe and sound from any electrical faults or hazards.  You can also be assured that in terms of the homes electrical system that you are making a sound investment in your purchase.

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