Off Peak Tariffs

Save Electivity with Off Peak Tariffs

Energy costs are going up and most Australians are looking for ways to reduce their power bills.

Its not that difficult to start saving straight away.

Off Peak Tariffs with Energex

Energex offer the ability to connect certain electrical appliances to lower cost off peak tariffs, which have an available electrical supply at certain times of the day.

Tariff 31– up to 60 percent savings. Electricity supply on this tariff is available for a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Tariff 33– up to 40 percent savings. Electricity supply on this tariff is available for a minimum of 18 hours per day.

Hot Water systems don’t require electricity 24 hours a day, so either of these tariffs is a great way to start saving money with a rapid return on investment.

By moving your hot water system to a lower charged tariff you save up to $200 per year.

Call Globe Electrical today to come and connect your pool to the off peak tariff.

Connect your Hot Water Service to an Off Peak Tariff and you may be available for a $100 Gift Card.

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Further Electrical Savings

Want to go further?

Household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, air conditioners can all be connected to off peak tariffs.

By making very small adjustments to daily routines as to when you perform chores such as washing and drying will allow you to make further massive savings on your electricity bills.

Call Globe Electricians today to arrange for a qualified and friendly electrician to come and connect your appliances to off peak tariffs and start saving immediately. Return on investment is usually 12 months!

Want to go even further?

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