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Reduce Your Electricity Bill with LED Lights

Energy efficient lighting such as LED lighting can help you save up to 75 percent on your lighting electricity costs.  And as lighting electricity costs usually account for about 40 percent of your total energy bill, this can be a substantial saving for you.

LED lights will also reduce your energy bill a second way – as you will be able to reduce the amount of electricity that you use for cooling your home.  Incandescent lights generate light by passing electricity through a filament.  The filaments heats up until it glows white hot.  Thus these incandescent lights emit a lot of heat so you then need to use your air conditioner to cool your home.

With LED lights this does not occur, you will use your air conditioner less and thus you will further save on your electricity bill.

Now More Affordable

The cost of LED lighting is steadily reducing, which is making it much more affordable to replace incandescent and halogen globes with both stylish and effective LED lights.

Eco Friendly

Led lights emit up to 70 percent less UV light than halogens therefore you will reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business.  Furthermore LED lights do not contain mercury or any other harmful gasses into the atmosphere, the same can’t be said for incandescent bulbs.

Lights Last Longer

You can expect that your LED lights will last up to 25 times longer than a regular halogen bulb.  This equates to 50,000 hours which means if you leave your LED lights on constantly they should still function 6 years later!

Whilst LED lights are more expensive to purchase than halogen or incandescent lights, they last so much longer and require less electricity so in the long term you will be saving money.  It also means that you don’t have the hassle and lost time in purchasing new bulbs and replacing them.

Cost of Installation

Installing LED lights is not a home handyman job.  Qualified electricians are required to disconnect your old lights and their transformers and then install a new fitting and LED light for you.  The actual cost for installing new LED lights for your home or business naturally depends upon the number of new LED lights that you wish to install.  Please call your local Globe electrician and we will provide you with a quote to undertake the work that you require.

LED Lights Installation

Globe Electrical Solutions are experienced and qualified to install LED lighting for your home or business.

Due to our extensive experience we are able to very efficiently undertake this type of electrical works.  Thus because we are efficient, we take less time (while still ensuring quality workmanship) and thus save you money.

Please call us at Globe Electrical Solutions and we will discuss the various LED lighting options with you to ensure that you obtain the most effective and reasonably priced solution for your lighting needs.

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