How to Keep Cool Inside in Summer

Tips from a Brisbane Electrician

In this article we provide some tips from a Brisbane electrician on different ways to keep cool inside in summer, here in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s Summers

This summer in Brisbane has been quite unusual, we have had far more of a mix of wet cool days than usual and even some of our hot days haven’t had as much humidity that we usually suffer from in the semi-tropics.

This has meant less reliance upon the air-conditioned which is an enormous saving on the electricity bill. I hope I have not spoken too soon or jinxed myself and that we now end up with our normal hot and humid summer weather. Below are some tips on how to keep cool inside in summer and believe me, they do work.

Ways to Keep Cool Inside in Summer

When looking at how to keep cool in your home during a hot Brisbane summer there are plenty of other alternatives to expensive air-conditioning. Although on some days, air-conditioning is really, really needed.

Keep the Heat Out

If it is a hot and humid day, the only answer is to keep the heat out. So first thing in the morning close up the house, shut all doors and window and then work on making the inside of your home cooler.

For anyone who lives in Brisbane and whose home receives the bull blast of the afternoon sun on the western side of their home external blinds are recommended. Having external blinds means that he sun does not even get to the windows and is far more effective than internal blinds. The combination of both (or closed curtains) inside is your best protection against the afternoon heat.

It follows, that on a really hot day it is worth closing external blinds throughout the house as the sun moves over your home. So close blinds and curtains on the eastern side of your home in the morning and leave them closed all day on the northern side. As the southern side of your home is unlikely to obtain direct sunlight you could if you want leave these areas without closing blinds so that you do not feel like too much of a hermit!

Ceiling Fans

Did you know ceiling fans can cost as little as 1 cent an hour to run! Ceiling fans are also not very expensive and you can buy some good but affordable ceiling fans from stores like Bunnings.

Most ceiling fans have a two way switch. One is for summer and one is for winter. The winter switch blows the air downwards such that the hot air which is naturally rising is pushed back down. In summer the fans cause a breeze which is cooling.

Air Conditioning

We all know that it is very expensive to have air-conditioning running all day. However there are some days, as previously noted that it is just about impossible not to turn it on.

However we can make the use of air-conditioning less expensive. The first thing to do (after taking the steps to keep the heat out) is to use ceiling fans together with air-conditioning. This is more effective and you can save money on electricity by turning your air-conditioning temperature up a little. The lower the level that you set your air-conditioner the higher the cost. Even a few degrees difference can make a noticeable difference on your electricity bill.

If you can, use the air-conditioning only in the areas of the home that you are occupying. In some homes, due to the open plan design often the air-conditioning covers a large area and this unfortunately is costly.

If you are expected a hot day, it is (surprisingly to some) cheaper to turn your air-conditioning on early rather than waiting until your house heats up. This is because your air-conditioner can maintain a cool temperature at less of a cost than having to run flat out trying to cool down a house and then only much later reaching the stage when the air-conditioning can cut in and out to maintain the cooler temperature.

Globe Electrical Solutions

I hope these tips on how to keep cool inside in summer and save on your electricity bill at the same time will help you and your family during the really bad humid and hot days that our Brisbane summer always provides.

how to keep cool inside in summer