How to Choose a Solar Installer

Finding the Best Solar Installers in Brisbane

Even with government rebates the cost of installing a solar panel system for your home is not to be sneezed at.  It is also a long term investment that should be done properly the first time around or it will take longer and longer to pay itself off, or not at all.  Below are some good tips on how to choose a solar installer to make sure that this solar investment of yours provides you with the best upfront cost and long-term investment.

Solar Accredited Installers

It goes without saying that you should start by only looking at solar accredited installers.  The Australian Clean Energy Council has a list of all accredited solar installers on their website.  Choosing an accredited solar panel installer provides you with the confidence that the solar installer has been through the accreditation processes which includes training and professional development and would also have signed the code of conduct and agreed to follow the requirements of the Clean Energy Council.

Knowledgeable Solar Installers

In choosing an accredited solar panel installation company you can be fairly certain that you are selecting solar installers that are knowledgeable about the different products on the market and should be able to advise you on the best solar system for your home.

However solar technology is continually evolving and at a rapid rate.  Thus the solar installers that you choose need to be aware of not only current products but also future technological changes that are occurring and that could impact on their current investment.  One such example is solar battery storage.  The cost of these batteries is falling and should hopefully become cost-effective in the not too distant future.  Thus any solar system that is being installed now should be able to be adapted such that solar batteries can be incorporated at a later date.

Choose Local Solar Panel Installers

When considering how to choose a solar installer it is probably worth considering finding a local solar installation company.

Finding an accredited solar panel installer nearby your home can also be a cost-saving as without travel time, a reputable solar installer should provide you with a lower quote than from an installer who has to travel say from the Gold Coast to install a solar system in Brisbane.  The Clean Energy Council has an option on their website for you to find an accredited solar installer near to you.

Another way to find an accredited solar installer nearby is to type into the search engine “solar installers near me” and then use the Clean Energy Council website to check if the solar installers are accredited.  The Clean Energy Council website allows you to search by either location of installer details.

Recommended Solar Panel Installers

One of the absolute best solutions to how to choose a solar installer is to ask family and friends about their experience and whether they would recommend the solar panel installation company that they engaged.  If you don’t know anyone nearby that has recently had solar panels installed there are plenty of review websites on the net now which can be very helpful.

True Local is a good directory of local business services and many customers provide reviews on this website as well. Word of Mouth is an excellent source of reviews for businesses Google Plus is another good source of both local solar installers but also for customer reviews.

Obtaining Solar Installation Quotes

It is recommended that you ask at least two solar installation companies to do a site visit to your home and provide you with a quote for the solar panels and the solar installation as well.  Whilst you have the solar expert at your home you could also ask for some advice on other energy saving tips they may have.  If you are considering a solar electrician for your solar panel system and installation they should be able to provide you with many different tips and suggestions for energy saving and hence a lower electricity bill for your household.

When you obtain several quotes for your solar panel system and installation you may need to do some further homework in order to compare the quotes.  What solar panels are they recommending, do those solar panels have a good reputation in the market, how large a system are they suggesting and why.  What warranty do they provide?  Are they guaranteeing the installation as well as providing the manufacturer’s warranty on the solar panels and solar equipment as well?

Your solar installer should also be able to process your application for your government incentive and rebates as well.

Solar Electrician

We do have a vested interest in making the point that we believe a solar electrician is a good solution when considering how to choose a solar installer.  We at Globe Electrical Solutions are accredited solar installers in Brisbane as well as qualified and practising electricians.  We believe that our knowledge is both broader and yet also more specialised meaning that we are best placed to advise any household of the optimum solar power system for their home based on assessing their current electrical uses and looking into the future as well.  We also have the advantage of truly understanding a households electrical system and can match their usage and needs to the different solar panel products on the market as well as advise on the future technology that will be soon available not only for solar power but also for other energy saving devices that they may benefit from as well.

We have many wonderful reviews from customers in Brisbane for whom we have installed effective and very affordable solar energy systems.  Please visit our testimonials page to see for yourself and you are more than welcome to call us to discuss your solar energy plans and budget and i am sure we will be able to provide you with the best possible solutions.

How to Choose a Solar Installer

This article on how to choose a solar installer has been written by Globe Electrical Solutions, accredited solar installers in Brisbane and qualified electricians.