Home Rewiring

Home Rewiring is Essential if your Family is at Risk

If you are looking for an electrician for home rewiring we recommend that you take advantage of all the experience we have gained as electricians over the last 25 years.

Over the years an electrical system can deteriorate and become hazardous and thus dangerous to use.   For this reason upgrades or rewires are required to keep you and your family safe from the risk of electric shock or fire.

Essential works may include:-home rewiring

Complete Home Rewiring
Switchboard Upgrade
Power Pole Replacement
Lights and/or Power Points Replacement

We ensure that your home incurs the minimum disruption during renovations and repairs and leave your home immaculately clean and tidy.

When Does a Home Need Rewiring?

The chances are if any of the items below relate to your home, then home rewiring is probably required.

Your home is fitted with single insulated wring
The safety switch trips frequently
Your house was built in the 1970’s or earlier
Your home is fitted with Indian rubber cables
Socket outlets are over heating

Even if your home has safety switches installed if any of the above apply to your home we would still recommend home rewiring.  Safety switches have definitely improved the safety of old wiring systems, however this is no guarantee and for the safety of your family home rewiring is the best solution.

Benefits of Home Rewiring

If you have old deteriorated wiring and you have your rewired, you will benefit by:-cost of house rewiring

Knowing that you are protecting your family from the potential of electrical fires.
Knowing that you are protecting your family from electrical shocks.
Reduced insurance premiums.

What to Expect when Rewiring your Home

You can stay in your home whilst it is being rewired.  However you will be inconvenienced whilst the wiring work is being done.  Electrical rewiring is a messy and dusty job.  Carpets and floorboards would be lifted so as to run new electrical cables.  You should however have power most of the time whilst the electrical rewiring is being done.

Two Ways of Rewiring a House

There are two different ways to rewire a house.  The first requires using concealed wiring over the ceilings and walls.  The second method is to put all the wiring inside the ceiling and wall cavities.

The second methods means that there will be damage to bricks and plaster and you will need sections of your home replastered.

There is also the option to use both methods of home rewiring.

Cost of Rewiring a House

Globe Electricians would need to come to your home to inspect the current wiring of your house.  Then they will be able to advise whether you need only a partial rewire or a full rewire.

The length of time and cost for rewiring a house depend upon the size of the home, the number of power points and switches and the layout of the electrical circuits.

The electrical rewiring cost is also dependent upon which of the two (or combination of the two) methods are used in rewiring your house.

home rewiring brisbane

Home Rewiring with Globe Electrical Solutions

We have successfully rewiring many Brisbane homes and are efficient and capable plus affordable.  If you are considering home rewiring please give us a call so we can provide you with a quote for the electrical rewiring works.

If you are not sure we are the electrical contractors for you, then please go to our testimonials page and you should gain some comfort from the very positive reviews that our customers have provided to us.

Call the team of Globe Electricians today and we will work with you to ensure your home is safe and your home is required within your budget.