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Solar Installers Brisbane Northside – Qualified Solar Electricians

We are accredited solar installers with extensive experience and know how .  Being qualified electricians we have more knowledge as to your energy requirements.  We will only install the most appropriate solar system for your home.  With Globe Electricians your solar system will not be under or over what you need.

Affordable, Durable Solar System Installations

We will only install a solar system for your home that is both cost-effective and long lasting (ie of good quality).  With many years of experience we know the strengths and weaknesses of the different solar panel brands available.  The solar panel products are changing all the time.  As we are up-to-date with the industry you will have the best solar panels installed for your home by Globe Electrical Solutions.

We do not ever just install the cheapest solar system for you.  The cheapest system may not provide the requirements of solar energy that you need.  It also may mean that your investment does not last as long as it should.  We are not in the business of providing cheap sub-standard installations that you will later regret.

Retrofit Solar Installers Brisbane Northside

We highly recommend that you engage us to install a solar system for you that can be retrofitted for solar batteries.  In the not too distant future solar batteries will be available for installation.  Solar batteries will save solar energy for use when the system cannot generate electrical power for you.  Thus with batteries you can store energy that is not used during the day for use at night.

Expert Solar Installers Globe Electrical Solutions

Please call us today and we can arrange to come and provide you with a quote for a solar installation that will significantly reduce your energy bill both now and in the future.

solar installers brisbane northside

Globe Electrical Solutions – Expert Solar Installers Brisbane Northside