Energy Efficient Homes

Eco Friendly Homes

As expert Brisbane solar installers and experienced electricians in Brisbane, there are many ways that Globe Electrical Solutions can help you make your home energy efficient.

What are Energy Efficient Homes or Eco Homes

Energy efficient homes are homes that reduce the amount of energy consumption which in turn reduces the amount of green house gas emissions and carbon footprint.  Energy efficient homes also reduce the demand for non-renewable resources.

Not only are energy efficient homes better for the environment but they can also provide homeowners with significant money savings.

There are many different energy efficient strategies and energy efficient products that you can include in your home to make is an eco house.

Eco Homes – High Efficiency Lighting

Did you know that compact fluorescent light bulbs use about 75 % less energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs?

The old fashioned incandescent bulbs waste up to 90% of their energy in heat and are really inefficient.

LED Lights too use less energy than incandescent lights and also last up to 35 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Both fluorescent lights and LEDs are a good choice for your home. Fluorescent lights are cheaper than LEDs but do not last as long. Unfortunately fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed.

The only disadvantage of LEDs is that they are the most expensive lighting choice, at least initially that is.

Over the lifetime of the lights there will be a large reduction in electrical use in your home and therefore substantially savings on electrical use.

Globe Electricians can help you make your eco home more energy efficient by installing dimmer switches.  Dimmers are ten percent more efficient than non-dimmers.

Whilst there is an upfront cost to install or replace incandescent lights with fluorescent or LED lights, over time the energy savings will more than cover this initial cost.

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Eco Friendly Houses – Motion Sensor Lights

Many eco friendly homes have motion sensor lighting.  As these lights switch on and off automatically they can make a large difference to the amount of electricity you use in your home.  Again this is more environmentally friendly and also provides significant savings on your electricity bill.

Motion Sensor Lights are also a great security measure for your green home.  As these lights turn on when they sense motion, an unwanted intruder will be exposed and you will have time to react and even call the police.

Eco Friendly Homes – Timers

Timers are also used in energy efficient homes.  Timers can be installed and then set to turn on and off at particular times of the day or night.

This is good for security too as having an external light set on a timer your home can be lit throughout the night without you having to remember to turn the light off in the morning.

Green Homes – Energy Star Appliances

Green houses typically have energy efficient appliances.  Globe Electrical Solutions can assist you turning your home into an eco house by installing your new high rated energy star appliances such as air conditioners and fans.

Overall it has been found that energy star appliances are up to 40% more efficient than standard appliances.

Energy Efficient Homes – Solar Panel Instillation

We at Globe Electrical Solutions are solar accredited installers.  We also keep up-to-date with the continual improvements that are being made to solar products.  Thus we can advise you on the best solar system to install for your home.

It makes sense to take advantage of the sunny Brisbane climate by using solar panels to convert the sunshine into usable household energy.

As for LED lighting there is an upfront cost in the installation of Solar Panels.  However it will definitely pay off in the long run through savings on your electricity spend.  It will also increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Solar energy is clean and renewable and a vital component to an eco friendly home.

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Energy Efficient Homes Summary

There are a great deal of benefits that come with energy efficient homes.

Energy efficient homes reduce electricity used and our carbon footprint.  Eco homes too help to protect our environment.  Finally eco friendly homes can actually save you money.  It just takes that initial commitment and outlay and then further down the track you will also benefit financially from having an energy efficient and environmentally friendly home.