Emergency Electrician

If you need an emergency electrician after hours, Globe Electrical Solutions are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for electrical emergencies.  If there is any chance that you or a member of your family is in danger due to an electrical fault please call us immediately on 0433 209 393.

Emergency After Hours Call Out Rates

We charge a competitive $120 call out fee for after hours.  Besides this charge all our other rates are the same as during normal business hours.  Thus with Globe Electrical Solutions there are no exorbitant call out fees or hourly rates even if you require an emergency electrician in the middle of the night!

Examples of When you Need to Call an Emergency Electrician

Below is a list of examples of when you should call an emergency electrician no matter what time of day or night.

Electrical Fires

Electrical Storm Damage

Electrical Flood Damage

Tripping Safety Switches

Isolated Power Outage (if all of your street or suburb is experiencing a power outage, please see the information on outages further down this page)

Electrical Burning Smell

Blown Fuses

Emergency Electrical Services

No matter what day or what time we will respond promptly to your emergency call.  We are experienced, qualified and fully insured emergency electricians and will be able to effectively and efficiently solve your electrical problem.

We have helped many Brisbane businesses and families in times of electrical emergency.  Thus you can be assured we have experienced your emergency previously too.  This experience allows us to remove any potential danger to your family or workplace quickly and safely.

Please, if a serious electrical emergency occurs it could be life threatening to your, your family or work colleagues.  You must make sure that the dangers is reduced immediately.  Our emergency electricians can assist around the clock in all dangerous electrical situations.

Contact Us for your Electrical Emergency

Contact Globe Electrical Solutions at any time twenty four hours a day, seven days a week if you need an emergency electrician.  Please phone 0433 209 393.

Additional Emergency Electrical Information

Street or Suburb Outages

If you have a power outage your first step should be to check if your home is just one of many that has an outage.  If all the lights of the houses in your street are off then this is a problem for the electrical company.  In this instance there is no need to call on an emergency electrician.  If the outage occurs during the day, just check with your neighbours to see if they are experiencing the same problem.  If the outage has occurred for other people your electrical company needs to be informed.

Power Outage Tips

Below are a few tips for you provided by Globe Electrical Solutions to assist you in times of electrical power outages.

Fridge and Freezer Closed

If your street or suburb has a power outage there are a few things that you should do yourself.  In order to keep your food cool and frozen open your fridge and freezer as little as possible.  If the outage lasts for only some hours the food in your fridge and freezer should be fine as long as you do not allow it to heat up by opening the door.  Obviously if the outage lasts a long time all your food will be spoiled.  If this is likely you could ask a friend or family member if they have room for some of your frozen goods.  You may also find that your household insurance covers you for the loss of frozen goods.

Careful Use of Candles

If the power outage occurs at night, please do be very careful with the use of candles.  Candles are in themselves a fire hazard.  If you have young children please ensure that the candles are placed out of reach.  They should be placed on a sturdy surface away from any flammable items such as curtains which could be blown onto the candles causing a fire.  Do not leave candles in rooms that are not being occupied.  If possible use torches rather than candles.

More Information

For more information about power outages including how to plan for outages and what to do, visit the energex website page which provides this information.

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