Electrical Safety in a Storm

Electrical Safety in a Storm

With the stormy weather we have been having recently in Brisbane it sparked (sorry bad pun) me (a Brisbane electrician)  to write a blog on electrical safety in a storm. Too many people seem to becoming really complacent about the dangers of storms, lightening and the need to take steps for electrical safety in a storm for their families.

In the event of a bad storm in Brisbane, as soon as you hear the weather prediction or see the grey (or black) clouds moving closer you need to prepare for the storm.

As the storm draws near I recommend that the following safety measures be taken as listed below.

Turn off and unplug electrical equipment, computers, televisions.

Have battery operated torches handy rather than the more dangerous candles for light.

During an big electrical storm I suggest that the below electrical safety measures be taken.

Do not use a land line as you can obtain an electric shock through a fixed telephone. You can use mobile and cordless phones.

Unless you have to, stay inside away from lightening and other storm dangers such as falling branches and fallen power lines.

If you have any flooding in your home or garage, make sure all electrical switches and appliances in these areas are turned off before flooding and if possible move them to a higher, dryer location.

If an area has become flooded before you can turn off all electrical power, do not venture into the flooded areas as power outlets and electrical cords can energise water if submerged.

Keep away from windows and doors in the event of a lightning strike.

If your power goes off, turn off all the power points in your home and unplug all electrical equipment.

If there is a power outage use your battery operated torches rather than candles.

Bring in your dog, he will be safer inside with you than out in the doghouse.

Electrical Safety After a Storm

Once you and your family have weathered the storm be extremely careful when going outside to check for damage. Fallen powerlines can be lethal, as can any electrical connections which have been out in the wet.

If any appliances or electrical equipment are wet from the storm, do not turn them on. It is best to call in the appropriate service repair dealer or a qualified electrician.

If plugs, switches, circuit breakers have been submerged you will need to throw them out and may need an electrician to check and install new electrical equipment for you.

If there are flooded areas, do not walk through the water as there could be live power lines submerged under the water.

Globe Electrical Solutions

We are local Brisbane electricians and available 24 hours for electrical emergencies.  Please call us on 0433 209 393.  For your interest, there is more information from the
Queensland Government in relation to electrical safety in a storm.

electrical safety in a storm