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Commercial Electrical Maintenance Contracts

It is essential for your commercial workplace to remain in a safe and operational status. Globe Electrical will maintain your electrical system to keep it working safely and efficiently.

Our team of electricians are available for the small jobs such as replacing lamps to the larger projects such as shut downs and electrical maintenance on equipment or appliances.

By using our services you will be reducing the risk of personal injury from electrical hazards and the expensive of electrical faults.

Minimal Disruption

Your jobs will be completed whilst creating the minimal disruption to daily activities in the workplace.  We will ensure that we work around your staff and/or customers so that your business can continue to operate profitably.

Preventative Electrical Services

Regular electrical maintenance is good business practise.  Not only do you ensure that all your staff and customers are in a safe environment but it can also save you money.

With regular electrical maintenance (preventative electrical services) you have a much lower chance of any equipment or electrical component failing.

We at Globe Electrical Solutions and our customers have found that in the long run it is more economical to pay for ongoing electrical maintenance rather than have the large repair bills that can result from not maintaining all your electrical equipment properly.

Not only will you have a large repair bill if electrical systems fail, but you may also have to cease trading, further damaging your bottom line.

electrical maintenance contractsElectrical Maintenance Contract Services

With Globe Electricians we can offer you an electrical maintenance contract.  Alternatively you could just call on us when you believe that your electrical equipment should be inspected and maintenance works undertaken.

The type of works that we would undertake as part of our electrical maintenance service would include the items listed below.

Regular inspections of smoke alarms, safety switches.

Testing of electrical devices such as surge protectors, appliances, tools and emergency and exit lighting.

Thorough examination of office equipment, data network cabling, infrared scanning and reticulation units etc.

Review of all power, data, lighting and phone facilities.

Service and repair or replace electrical motors or components of electrical motors.

Regular analysis on your data cabling to ensure your network is providing the greatest efficiency.

At Globe Electrical Solutions our expert electricians are qualified to test, repair and maintain a wide variety of electrical devices.  We use the latest technology to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible.

Electrical Maintenance Inspection

On our first visit to your commercial premise we will undertake a full assessment of your electrical devices and systems.  We would then provide you with a report which identifies any existing or potential issues.

The report would also outline what we believe to be an appropriate ongoing electrical maintenance plan.

With your approval we would then conduct regular inspections and testing of your electrical equipment at a time which best suits your business.

electrical maintenance

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