Commercial Electrical Inspections

Commercial Electrical Inspections – Pre-purchase or Pre-Leasing Inspections

Call Globe Electrical Solutions today to book an inspection prior to either purchasing or leasing new commercial premises. There are two equally important reasons why you should book a commercial electrical inspection and these are listed below.


Firstly it is essential for you to make sure that the premises you have chosen have enough power available for your electrical requirements.

Secondly you need to make sure that the electrical equipment, cabling, switches etc are not faulty or defective.

For cost-effective fee an electrical inspection can be performed to assess the current condition of a premises electrical system prior to either purchase or lease.  The fee for this service can save thousands of dollars in the future.

Commercial Electrical Inspections – Regular On-Going Electrical Inspections

For many commercial premises a regular electrical inspection is considered a necessity rather than a choice.  By having regular commercial electrical inspections the possibility of damage (fire) and injuries (even electrocution) can be avoided as the electrical inspection will ensure that your electrical systems are always in good, safe workable condition.

As your electrical system ages there is a greater chance that situations could arise that could compromise the safety of your business.  By having on-going electrical inspections you will be ensuring the safety of your employees and also the bottom line of your business.

Therefore the small fee that is required for a regular electrical inspection of your commercial premise is insignificant given that with inspections the chances of any electrical disasters occurring are significantly reduced.

Commercial Electrical Inspection – What does it Involve?

Globe Electricians are experienced in undertaking professional electrical inspections of Brisbane commercial and industrial premises.

We would undertake a thorough inspection of all your electrical appliances and switches.  We will make sure that your safety switch is fully operational and complies with the code. Globe Electrical Solutions will use electrical test equipment to ensure that your electrical systems and machinery meet electrical regulations and more important ensure electrical safety in the workplace.

We will check for holes in the switchboard and for any exposed cables and ensure that boards, circuits etc have identification.

Remember, a commercial electrical inspection is a very cost effective way to ensure that your businesses’ wiring, infrastructure and switchboards are safe and efficient.

If any problems, potential problems or defects are identified our electrical inspectors will firstly explain your options and then provide you with recommendations to rectify the problem.

Commercial Electrical Inspection Report

Upon completion of our detail inspection of the electrical systems of your new planned premise we would provide you with a clear, precise report which is easy to understand.  Photographic evidence would also be included.  Any defects would be identified and described and recommendations would be included.

Commercial Electrical Inspections with Globe Electrical Solutions

We are fully qualified to conduct an electrical inspection of your commercial, industrial or business premise.  We are Brisbane based licensed electricians and meet all current Australian Standards.

We conduct commercial electrical inspections through Brisbane, both northside and southside.  So please call us today (0433 209 393) and we will schedule a time with you to come and inspect your commercial premise.