Electrical Rates and Charges

Electrical rates and charges are very cost-effective with Globe Electrical Solutions.

We, at Globe Electrical Solutions believe in providing a premium service for a fair and reasonable rate.

Affordable Electrical Rates and Charges

Please don’t think that because our electrical rates are affordable that we provide a sub-standard service.  Actually it is the opposite.  We have over twenty five years experience and electrical knowledge.  Thus we provide expert electrical works.

How can we afford to have fair and reasonable electrical rates?  Our rates are often lower than our competitors.  The reason is simple.  We do not have the overheads and advertising spend that franchise or large electrical companies do.  Thus we can still maintain a profitable margin whilst still passing on this saving to our clients.

There is also a second reason why we are able to charge very competitive electrical rates.  Globe Electrical Solutions have access to competitive pricing from our wholesalers.  We pass these saving too onto our customers making your overall electrical bill from Globe Electricians even more affordable.

Emergency Electrical Rates

We don’t like to capitalise on electrical emergencies.  However out of hours charges do apply as we follow the law and pay awards for our workers who are entitled to additional pay for out of hours works.

Cost-Effective Electrical Rates with Globe Electrical Solutions

We have built our business on repeat customers and referrals.  We would not be able to continue to build our business if we our electrical charges were above market value.  So to ensure the longevity of our business our electrical charges and rates are more than reasonable for the high quality works that we do. Call a Globe electrician (0433 209 393) the next time you need electrical work completed, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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