Solar Installation in Queensland

Nearly One-Third of Queensland Households Have Now Gone Solar

Recent data on solar installation in Queensland suggests that expert Solar Installers such as Jason and the team at Globe Electrical  in Brisbane are busier than ever, as a new wave

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What Country had the Most Solar Power in 2014?

Most Solar Power Overall

Some may find it interesting to know that Australia was only the 9th highest user of solar PV energy in 2014.  It is however probably due to our smaller population with Germany being the country

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New Qld Smoke Alarm Legislation 2017

Does the New Qld Smoke Alarm Legislation Apply to You?

What you really need to know come January 1st 2017

Current Queensland Legislation and BCA requirements

1. Homes built before 1 July 1997 must have at least one 9 volt

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What is the STC Rebate for Solar Panels?

Current Government STC Rebate for Solar Panels

If you are looking for information on the government STC rebate for solar panels you are more than likely considering whether or not to install solar energy for your home.  You are also

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