Advantages of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans, A Necessity in Brisbane?

Well our traditional hot and humid summer weather has arrived in full force this week. Whilst I know that there are some people who like this weather, most of us don’t. A few weeks

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How to Keep Cool Inside in Summer

Tips from a Brisbane Electrician

In this article we provide some tips from a Brisbane electrician on different ways to keep cool inside in summer, here in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s Summers

This summer in Brisbane has been quite unusual, we have

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Electrical Fires From Appliances

Appliances in Your Home that can Cause Electrical Fires

Some of the appliances in your home are more likely to cause electrical fires than others.

Also sometimes the fault can be attributed to the appliance itself, but other times it

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Electrical Hazards In The Home

An Electrician’s Advice on Electrical Hazards In the Home

Are you sure there are no electrical hazards in your home? According to the Victorian Government, around sixteen Australians are injured or killed due to electrical incidents every week.  This

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Solar Power Buying Mistakes

Common Solar Power Buying Mistakes

When choosing (or not choosing) to have solar panels installed please do not make these common solar power buying mistakes.  We are solar electricians with years of experience in advising on and installing solar systems. 

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Making the Most of your Solar Panel System

How to Make the of your Solar Panel System

Whilst some households have already invested in solar batteries, many are waiting until the price falls further. Thus this article on making the most of your solar panel system is written

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